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Commercial Demos - Penelope Dyer
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Tatical Mind 30
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Rohrbach's Summer 2020 Event
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Penny Dyer PROMO
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Narration Demos - Penelope Dyer
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Audio Drama

Manifestations Podcast/The Ostium Network

Manifestations S1 QILA Sample1
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Use Penelope's Voice for:

On Hold Messages



Children's Books

Instructional Videos





Audio Drama

Radio Commercials


Penelope Dyer

Penelope Dyer delivers top-quality audio that makes a lasting impression on your clients. 


A nonunion, professionally-trained voiceover actor, Penelope produces recordings from her state-of-the-art ProTools studio. With more than twenty years of Customer Satisfaction and Sales experience, Penelope is knowledgeable, helpful, and well-versed in successfully anticipating a client’s needs. Her specialties include:


Commercials for radio, TV and the Internet

Educational and e-Learning narrations

Audiobook production

Voicemail recordings, auto-attendants, and other telephony

Industrials and corporate narration 

Podcasts and Audiodrama


Contact Penelope today to find out how she can help transform your audio into lasting impressions.


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